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BoatOfficer Blue + sensor cable for one battery

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BoatOfficer Blue is the easy remote monitoring for your boat. Energy-saving, equipped with many sensors and expandable, it monitors everything you want to know about your boat when you are not on board. To use it, you also need the free BoatOfficer smartphone app (from Android 5.1 or iOS 9) - then also available in the app stores.

LoRaWAN is used as radio communication in TheThingsNetwork - more information about this on our website. Advantage for you: no SIM card is required and we can do the only remote boot monitoring without subscription costs to offer. 

Monitoring of:

  • GPS position
  • temperature
  • Vibration of the box

With the BoatOfficer sensor cable for one battery (included in THIS offer):

  • Monitoring the on-board battery voltage from a battery (9 to 60 V)
  • Alerting of motor activity (patent pending)


    • Integrated battery with> 1 year runtime (depending on configuration)
    • Rechargeable via USB charging cable or via the on-board battery via sensor cable
    • Waterproof with IP65
    • Compact design: 14 x 9 x 4 cm
    • CE conformity

    Scope of delivery:

    • BoatOfficer Blue
    • USB charging cable
    • Sensor cable battery (single)



    Further accessory cables for the BoatOfficer Blue are under development. At the top of the list is a Water sensor. This can be bought later and used directly with the BoatOfficer Blue. 



    • BoatOfficer uses this as radio communication from BoatOfficer Blue to the Internet LoRaWAN TheThingsNetwork's network. Please check if you have Network coverage in your harbour (on the page: ). TheThingsNetwork is a community network that anyone can expand. So you can expand the network yourself at the harbour with a so-called gateway (from € 80). Feel free to ask us how it works:

    Questions? Do not hesitate to ask us directly:

    We look forward to hearing from you!